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The Carrier Battle Group

The carrier battle group was the Navy's primary fighting formation throughout the Cold War. With 75-100 fighter, attack, and special mission aircraft, escorted by warships armed with missiles and guns, each group packed a powerful combat punch. Carrier task groups, strong symbols of U.S. might, operated continuously in the Mediterranean and Western Pacific and often in the North Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

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Area of Control

Battle Group Area of Control

A modern carrier battle force can control an ocean area of over half a million square miles. To illustrate this capability, we have superimposed the "footprint" of a two-carrier battle force on the East Coast of the United States.

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Battle Group Area of Control
Ship Model

High Resolution Ship Model

 USS Forrestal (CVA 59):  This angled-deck aircraft carrier, the first ship in her class when commissioned in 1955, improved the Navy's ability to operate high-performance jet aircraft at sea. Named for the first Secretary of Defense, the carrier served throughout the Cold War in all the oceans of the world.

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Educational Videos

play videoAn Answer: JFK Visits the Atlantic Fleet (1962) :  This 1962 Navy film follows President John F. Kennedy on a visit to the Atlantic Fleet and Camp Lejeune. Two other future presidents (Lyndon Johnson and Gerald Ford) were also present during the visit. Navy and Marine Corps units conducted extensive exercises in the presence of the President, including air operations, anti-submarine exercises, and an amphibious assault landing. Source: Naval History and Heritage Command Photographic Section, UM-21 (MN 9797).

play videoCruise of the Randolph (1954):  The 1954 Mediterranean cruise of the aircraft carrier USS Randolph (CV-15) with the Sixth Fleet is the subject of this Navy documentary. In addition to extensive footage of flight operations, the film covers gunnery exercises, underway replenishment, mess, emergency surgery, inspections, and liberty. Source: Naval History and Heritage Command, Photographic Section, UMO-18.

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