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The Siege of Wonsan

The Seventh Fleet successfully blockaded Wonsan, a vital port on North Korea's east coast. The blockade diverted Communist forces from the front line while also disrupting military and economic activity at the port. During the 861-day campaign, South Korean marines occupied islands in the harbor, U.S. warships and aircraft bombed enemy targets ashore, and U.N. naval vessels worked to keep the harbor mine-free.

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Mines in the Water!

Mines in the Water!

Sea mines proved a major obstacle to U.N. naval operations in Korea. With Soviet assistance, the North Koreans laid minefields in their major ports and released thousands of these lethal weapons into coastal waters. Mines sank minesweepers, killed American and Korean sailors, and delayed allied troop landings.

click image below to see a chart of the mine clearance operation in Wonsan harbor.
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