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The flight leader briefs his squadron's pilots in the ready room just before their missions. In these briefings he passes on intelligence about their targets and the enemy's air defenses. He also describes what bombs, missiles, or rockets their planes will carry, where the aircraft will rendezvous after their launch from the carrier, routes to the target, call signs and radio frequencies, individual mission responsibilities, and emergency procedures. In addition, he determines the minimum fuel or "Bingo" requirement - the fuel level at which an aircraft will have to receive aerial refueling or divert to a landing field ashore.

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Ready Room Theater Video

Ready Room Theater Video

play videoThe U.S. Navy and the Cold War:  This film was produced for the Cold War Gallery, part of the National Museum of the United States Navy, located at Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C. It gives an overview of the U.S. Navy's role in our nation's nearly 50-year conflict with the Soviet Union. Portions of the Cold War Gallery are complete, while others are in the construction or planning stages. The Naval Historical Foundation is raising funds to support this important project.
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